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Marti Lee

Owner & 500 RYT

Marti Lee Bowen, MS has a 200-hour Teacher Certification from the Living Yoga Program at the Radha Madhav Dham Ashram.

She has a Masters of Science in Administration of Justice and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from UMKC. She worked for 20 years serving the community as a Deputy Juvenile Officer for Jackson County Family Court.



Marti’s transformation in yoga was ignited from the power of mantra chanting. She was greatly influenced and inspired by Sanskrit Scholar and Vedic Priest Thomas Ashley Farrand. Who Marti honors as her chanting guru.



Marti has been teaching yoga professionally for 15 years. Her passion is to “bring yoga to the people.” Marti is a Yoga Pioneer. She created a Yoga community in the Northland of Kansas City Missouri.


Marti is a forever student of yoga and continues to train with Master teachers.


Starr Lee Evans

Owner & 500 RYT

Starr Lee Evans received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from the Living Yoga Program at the Radha Madhav Dham ashram. Starr completed a 40 hour Ashtanga Teacher Training from Kathleen Kastner and Wade Mortenson in 2012.


Over the years Starr has studied with many Master teachers including; Ray Long, David Swenson, Jason Crandell, Dharma Mittra, Kino Macgregor, Rodney Yee, Baron Baptiste, Richard Freeman, Seane Corn, Sadie Nardini, Bryan Kest, Kathryn Budig, Tias Little, Anna Forest, Annie Carpenter, Aadil Palkhivala, Rolf Gates, and many more. 


Starr has grown up in yoga alongside her mother, Marti. She began practicing when she was 10 years old. Starr has been teaching yoga professionally since she was 16 and has always felt grateful for the opportunity to serve. Starr believes that “Yoga is for Everybody”.

Chris Bridges.png

Chris Bridges

Certified Instructor

Chris is 200-RYT certified through the Living Yoga program. She has been an exercise enthusiast for decades and has a background in many forms of exercise, with yoga being one. It wasn’t until 2013 when she met her mentors that she realized all the yoga had to offer: the mind, body, and spirit connection.


Up until that point, it had always been presented as just another form of exercise. Always pushing too hard, too far, and never feeling it was enough, yoga helped Chris discover grace for self and much more.


As a teacher, her passion is to help others find that same grace and self-acceptance; an inner peace. Her school of thought is, there is no “one pose fits all” yoga. Yoga is for every “body”, and each person must find his or her pose, even within a given pose. With her guidance, Chris’s students find the pose variations that fit their needs at that time, which leads to self-discovery and self-acceptance. She is often heard saying, “Yoga is a journey into self, our authentic self, the part untouched by the storms of life and the best part is, it is only a breath away.”


Joyce Hadley

Certified Instructor

Joyce has been practicing yoga for over a decade and has committed to teaching since 2013. Practicing and teaching yoga has enabled her to live a continuous healthier and happier lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally.


She currently teaches at Inbliss Yoga and host Pop-up Yoga sessions in Smithville, MO during the spring and summer. When she is not on her mat, she is busy walking, playing and cuddling with many fur babies! She is the owner and operator of Wag-a-lotz, a pet sitting service in the northland. Joyce is married to Rod, her best friend and love of her life of 14 years, and they have two grown daughters and two loveable dogs.


Her words to live by, “Live in Peace. Believe in Hope. Walk in LOVE! NAMASTE’!”


Ian Rabang

Certified Instructor

Ian has a background in kickboxing and boxing. After moving to the US from the Philippines in 1992, he added weightlifting to his routine. Ian started taking yoga classes to balance out his other workouts and improve flexibility.


He soon discovered that he tremendously enjoyed yoga.


He has been practicing regularly since 2000 and teaching since 2007. He truly enjoys aiding people in improving their personal yoga practice.


Danielle Hass

Certified Instructor

Danielle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy that has been teaching a wide variety of yoga classes for 10 years.

She started practicing yoga with Starr and Marti in 2004 and started teaching yoga at Inbliss in 2013. She enjoy’s teaching fundamentals, vinyasa flow, ashtanga, and arm balance yoga. She loves the people that she have the pleasure of teaching and working with at Inbliss. Everyone is so friendly and inviting there.


It feels like a second home to her and she always leaves feeling better than when she came, Danielle hopes this for her students as well. Danielle and Starr have been best friends for their whole lives and Marti is like a second mother to Danielle. 


She is honored to be a part of such a wonderful yoga community.


Jill Wheeler

Certified Instructor

Jill discovered yoga 5 years ago when she first attended a class at InBliss. She has been praticing and teaching ever since.

She enjoys the physical part of yoga, working your body & sweating, but fell in love with the spiritual aspect of the practice.

She believes you carry each class and pose with you beyond the studio and into your everyday life.

Outside the studio she shares her life with her husband Ace and their  2 fur babies, Rocky & Reeses

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